About Me

When I was younger, I was excited about mostly two things ‐ video games and physics.

One career choice seemed much better than the other. I worked hard, got straight A's in everything related to maths, and I moved to Lund to study physics!

1.5-2 years into my Bachelors, I realized I wasn't enjoying physics quite as much as I thought I would. Frankly, I was a bit lost.

Being lost is never pleasant. I spoke to a friend about it and I realized I had to explore new interests. What was it I enjoyed doing? Do I enjoy physics enough to keep studying it?

I thought about my options. Even though I wasn't enjoying physics as much as I thought I would, I still thought every subject was interesting. I also thought it would be a damn shame to spend 2 years on something and never finish it.

I decided to follow through on my education. I would complete my education and I would do so properly.

While I was finishing my degree, I begun exploring other interests. If physics wasn't what I wanted to do ‐ what was?

It was at this time I got into machine learning (this was after a course in Python that I did not enjoy at all, and I was a bit skeptical when it came to my programming abilities).

I really enjoyed learning about basic data analysis and machine learning algorithms where you get to watch the computer learn. Pure magic.

I spent most of the time reading about how the state-of-the-art deep learning worked and why it worked. I ended up making smaller projects like a Donald Trump Tweet generator, some language analysis, and basic clustering of NHL players to see how the top 500 players could be grouped.

At this time I realized I can understand and write code and it was a very empowering insight.

I programmed smaller games in Godot and Unreal Engine.

This is when I realized I really enjoy creating interactions. I love to create something that people can interact with and explore.

Now, I intend to become a really good frontend developer. I want to learn everything there is to know about frontend development.

I read through MDN's resources and subscribed to TeamTreehouse. I dream about programming and I see layouts and boxes everywhere.

With the right company, I think I can do great things. I am very motivated and observant, as well as eager to get started. I program and learn new things every day, even when I tell myself to take a break. In a professional environment, with more experienced developers around me, I will take advantage of any resources given to me and leverage them to learn as much as possible on and off the job. I'm thinking I'll be doing this, or something that builds on what I do now, for as long as I live, and so I might as well put in as many hours as I can!